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Breads and pancakes, Breakfast, Snacks and nibbles

Stuffed Msemmen with onions and tomatoes

Msemmen is a wonderful North African laminated pancake or bread. It can be enjoyed plain, served with honey or filled with different mixtures. Similar panfried

Snacks and nibbles, Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan goat cheese rolls – sbiaats jben

Saiss Jben is the secret to these Moroccan cheese rolls or as we call them Sbiaats in reference to fingers. Saiss is a fertile geographical

Snacks and nibbles, Starters, Salads and kemia

Mini-quiches with onions and sundried tomatoes

We love mini bites and especially mini quiches and pizzas. This version with onions and sundried tomatoes is also a make-ahead and freezer-friendly at any

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan-style Deviled eggs

In Morocco, we are found of boiled eggs, sprinkled with salt and cumin and served as a sandwich with cream cheese or Jben. This is

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan Griouech/Mkharqa with almonds paste

Griouech or M’kharka/Mkharqa is a fried Moroccan sweet which gets soaked in honey. It’s served throughout Ramadan along with the soup of the day which

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Smokey and nutty Mtabbal Badinjan (or eggplant’s Mutabbal)

Mtabbal Badinjan or aubergine/eggplant Mutabbal is hands down my favourite Levantine mezze. How you prepare your eggplants will make all the difference in this famous

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan vegetable and cottage cheese (Jben) pasties

Vegetable and cheese pasties recipe is a nice way to start an Iftar during Ramadan or something to make for a picnic. For a lighter

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan stuffed dates with almond paste and nuts

In Morocco, we serve dates in cooked dishes (special tagines and couscous), in pastries, in juices, plain, stuffed with nuts or with a homemade almond

Breads and pancakes, Breakfast

Moroccan Rezzat El Qadi / Judge’s turban : An all-threads pancake wonder

Rezzat el Qadi/El Kadi is a rather funny name for this Moroccan pancake. The reason why it’s called so is because it looks like an

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan stuffed vegetables/Dolma with rice

Stuffed vegetables or Dolma is a Mediterranean family dish with a few variations depending on the countries, wether related to the type of vegetables used,

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