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Moroccan dried fava beans cooked in a silky and lemony sauce and topped with aged preserved lemon
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Moroccan dried fava beans in chermoula – Foul mengoub

Moroccan dried  fava or broad beans recipe in a thick silky sauce is a frugal vegan/vegetarian dish served in winter during lunch time. Whilst it’s meant to be a cooked salad or starter, I personally started serving it as a main dish. The Arabic name is telling Some of us call it foul mengoub due […]

Moroccan cauliflower fritters served with lemon wedges
Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan cauliflower fritters

Moroccan cauliflower fritters is a vegetarian starter but can also be served as a garnish for a chicken or meat dish. Yummy Moroccan cauliflower fritters with chermoula It’s funny I’m  enjoying them now that I’m older because I never had when my mother used to make them regularly during my youth. Recently, these beignets de […]

Cooked Moroccan salad with pepper, tomato and potatoes. Vegan, Gluten-free
Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan potato, pepper and tomato salad

Moroccan potato, pepper and tomato recipe is an easy vegetarian/vegan cooked salad. Usually served warm, you can also serve it as a side dish to grills or fried fish while enriched with meat or seafood, can be a meal in itself as it has it all. A family recipe Here is a decades old recipe, […]

3 types of Noisettes or Boule au chocolat found in Moroccan dairy shops or old-style bakeries
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Noisette or boule au chocolat, the Mahlaba’s leftover cake

Noisette or boule au chocolat is one of the names given to this cake ball which basically have no fixed recipe. It’s commonly found in old bakeries and Mahlabas  (dairy shops widely available in Moroccan cities and one of the most important part of the Moroccan street food world).   Recycling cakes The recipe is […]

Moroccan white beans in tomato sauce
Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan white beans in tomato sauce

Moroccan white beans in tomato sauce is always served as a starter to a winter lunch. It can be made with or without tomatoes but a bit of tomato paste is definitely needed. Add-ons Because my family comes from Fez, we tend to use khlii and its fat in many things, this dish is one […]

A serving of stuffed Moroccan msemmen with onion and spices
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Stuffed Msemmen with onions and tomatoes

Msemmen is a wonderful North African laminated pancake or bread. It can be enjoyed plain, served with honey or filled with different mixtures. Similar panfried bread can be found in Asia (i.e paratha in India) We love Msemmen so much that we can have it any time of the day along with a glass of […]

Moroccan goat rolls or sbiaat jben
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Moroccan goat cheese rolls – sbiaats jben

Saiss Jben is the secret to these Moroccan cheese rolls or as we call them Sbiaats in reference to fingers. Saiss is a fertile geographical area in the Northern part famous for many things, including its goat cheese. To make these Moroccan cheese rolls, you don’t have to go to Fez or Northern Morocco to […]

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Moroccan-style Deviled eggs

In Morocco, we are found of boiled eggs, sprinkled with salt and cumin and served as a sandwich with cream cheese or Jben. This is everyone’s favourite. Hard-boiled eggs are also halved and served with cumin and salt, a spread of cheeses, cold cuts and olives for afternoon snacks after school. They’re also served on […]

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan vegetable and cottage cheese (Jben) pasties

Vegetable and cheese pasties recipe is a nice way to start an Iftar during Ramadan or something to make for a picnic. For a lighter version, use warqa or a good phyllo dough to make them. Preparing a Ramadan table can be a very demanding job, compute this for 30 days..Now this is not required […]

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Moroccan stuffed vegetables/Dolma with rice

Stuffed vegetables or Dolma is a Mediterranean family dish with a few variations depending on the countries, wether related to the type of vegetables used, the spices or the herbs. However, the idea is the same: core the vegetables and stuff them before cooking them to tenderness. The Moroccan version also depends on families and […]