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Moroccan dried fava beans cooked in a silky and lemony sauce and topped with aged preserved lemon
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Moroccan dried fava beans in chermoula – Foul mengoub

Moroccan dried  fava or broad beans recipe in a thick silky sauce is a frugal vegan/vegetarian dish served in winter during lunch time. Whilst it’s meant to be a cooked salad or starter, I personally started serving it as a main dish. The Arabic name is telling Some of us call it foul mengoub due […]

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Moroccan cow/calf or sheep brain’s with tomato sauce and chermoula

Still on offal cooked the Moroccan way, here is a dish mainly cooked during the feast of sacrifice and served as a cooked starter: Cow or sheep brain cooked in a tomato sauce. In Fez, this cooked salad is also served during family gatherings and usually the plates go back empty. This cooked Moroccan starter […]

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Moroccan stuffed vegetables/Dolma with rice

Stuffed vegetables or Dolma is a Mediterranean family dish with a few variations depending on the countries, wether related to the type of vegetables used, the spices or the herbs. However, the idea is the same: core the vegetables and stuff them before cooking them to tenderness. The Moroccan version also depends on families and […]

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Moroccan giant fennel salad recipe: Shlada del boubal

Do you know this vegetable/herb? have you seen it before? In Morocco, we call it boubal (Fr: Grande férule, férule commune, faux fenouil). In English, it’s called “giant fennel” or “African ammoniacum“. It’s giant since it’s plant grows for about 3 m long. Having tried it, I just can’t get my head around the “fennel […]

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Moroccan mussels in a tomato sauce recipe: Bouzroug be maticha

Mussles in tomato sauce is a dish which can be served as a main dish or as a cooked salad. I decided to serve it rather warm-ish over couscous for a change, but also to make my husband eat couscous..I served it as a light meal, somewhere between a starter and a main dish too. […]

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Easy Moroccan fried soles

Fried fish is a favourite street food in Morocco, especially in coastal cities. It’s so common to find a dish of fried fish along with a fresh tomato and onion salad in many traditional restaurants. Fried soles usually are served with fried whiting and calamari rings, lemon wedges and a hot fried chilli for garnish, […]

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Moroccan seafood bastilla/Pastilla: A posh Moroccan starter

Bastilla/Bestilla or Pastilla is as signature of Moroccan cooking. The most traditional remains the pigeons or chicken bestilla which comes mostly in a version from Fez and another one from Tetouan. The other old recipe of Bestilla is made of almonds all the way through and it is from Rabat. In the last 40 years […]

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Moroccan baked Rghaifs with vegetables, a family favourite

My husband is not into vegetables. Anything beside potatoes, green peas and tomatoes does not really go down his throat without me making some drama. But then whenever I make my mother’s Rghaifs with vegetables, he eats a couple with a smile on his face. I have already posted the recipe in French a few […]

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Moroccan spiced prawns

In Morocco, we’re blessed with two sea sides (Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea). We’re used to eat fresh fish and anything sold after 48 hours of being caught won’t be looked at. In French, it’s easier to dissociate between crevette (small), gambas (bigger), crevette royal (giant red prawn), langoustines (small lobster looking things). But when […]

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Moroccan salad of aubergines and chermoula

Bdenjal (aubergine/eggplant) mchermel is a cold Moroccan vegetarian aubergine salad which will make you appreciate this underrated vegetable even more. It is an easy and brilliant starter or side dish we serve on our Moroccan tables. There are several ways of presenting it: either whole aubergines slit in length or wedges, cubes or even roughly […]