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Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan dried fava beans in chermoula – Foul mengoub

Moroccan dried  fava or broad beans recipe in a thick silky sauce is a frugal vegan/vegetarian dish served in winter during lunch time. Whilst it’s

Poultry and birds

Moroccan Rfissa with Rezzat El Qadi

R’fissa or Rfissa is a concept of dish found across the Arab world. The dish generally comes in the form of a built dish where


Moroccan calf/lamb trotters and wheat recipe

 Well hello there and welcome to the page! The recipe you are looking for has moved to a new external address. Click on this link to find


Moroccan bull’s tail and private parts’ stew: Lak’awi

Some food is weird in some countries but it’s not in others. Old civilizations were not all about filleting the meat but rather consuming the

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan giant fennel salad recipe: Shlada del boubal

Do you know this vegetable/herb? have you seen it before? In Morocco, we call it boubal (Fr: Grande férule, férule commune, faux fenouil). In English,

Fish and seafood, Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan mussels in a tomato sauce : Bouzroug be maticha

Mussles in tomato sauce is a dish which can be served as a main dish or as a cooked salad. I decided to serve it

Fish and seafood

Common fish and seafood in Morocco

Having lived in different countries, I always found it difficult to find some types of fish I grew up eating. Fishing industry is one of

Red meat

Braised and roasted of beef/lamb with a confit of onions – اللحم المحمر التقليدي

Recette en Français plus en bas Braised and roasted of beef/lamb with a confit of onions Is that going to become your new Sunday roast

Poultry and birds

Moroccan chicken with olives Meslalla cooked M’chermel way

Chicken with meslalla and chermoula is quite a favourite family dish and I don’t think restaurants serve it back home. It’s a typical homemade dish

Lunch dishes, Red meat

Kadra of wild artichokes and green peas

Wild artichokes are usually available in the beginning of spring or late April. They’re the hardest thing to peel and clean but rather quick to

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