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Desserts and cakes

Bourdaloue-inspired tart with cherries and blackcurrants

I love tarte bourdaloue in its traditional form with pears, but I also love it with apricots or peaches. There was a time when I

Moroccan sweet corner

My favourite sablés biscuits: 1 dough, many designs

I have this thing for sablés and I’m not the only Moroccan who does. In fact, I’ve been in contact with many people for all corners of the

Desserts and cakes

German cream cake with rhubarb and strawberries

I definitely miss my days in Germany! my daily routine, meeting my friends for kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake) breaks with my husband after

Desserts and cakes

Butterless and flourless chocolate fondant.

I loved everything about this cake: it’s rich without butter in it. It tastes chocolate so it’s a good fix for chocoholics.  It’s easy to

Desserts and cakes

Light lemon curd cheesecake

Behold, cheesecake lovers, this one is an amazing version of my favourite baked cheesecake: A light (ish), lemony and onctuous cheesecake with fresh berries. This

Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Mini tigrés financiers with chocolate filling: cute indulging almond petits-fours

For those who don’t know it, Morocco has been colonised by France from 1912 to 1956, about the same time, a side was taken by

Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Indulging Viennese whirls and more

While the spritz and the whirls are pretty much available accross the world under different names and different shapes, the Viennese whirls are a big

Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Earl Grey and lemon shortbreads, very very addictive and eggless

I think this blog has more sweet recipes than anything else, and I still have plenty of recipes which I didn’t have time to post.

Breads and pancakes, Desserts and cakes

Marzipan Stollen and a recap. I saved the best for last

I hope you’ve been following me for the past couple of weeks in this German baking session over here as well as on my facebook

Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Almond jammy shortbreads

I know you know how to make biscuits..I’m just going to share with you a variation of a shortbread dough or as we call them

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