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Desserts and cakes

French custard – Tarte au flan

I haven’t met anyone yet who does not like custard or flan and this tart is all about drawing a smile on the face of

Desserts and cakes

Bourdaloue-inspired tart with cherries and blackcurrants

I love tarte bourdaloue in its traditional form with pears, but I also love it with apricots or peaches. There was a time when I

Desserts and cakes

German Kirsch Streuselkuchen- Cherry streusel pie

The Germans love their streusel, there is a myriad of baked goods having this crumbly mix as a topping but also the same dough will

Desserts and cakes, Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Tartlets-barquettes with berry cream

Last of our petits fours’ tray is going to be this recipe of berry cream tartlets or “barquettes” since we have used barquettes forms to

Desserts and cakes

Lime, white chocolate curd and raspberry tartlets on Sablé Breton

These tartlets happen to be one of my favourites because of the combination of flavours in them but also because I love the caky/shortbread texture

Desserts and cakes

Dark choco ganache and praline tartlets

This is the last recipe missing from this tray of mini petits fours..We assume you know how to make a praline paste. Otherwise I suggest


Mini tartlets with caramelized apples and ginger

As promised, I’m carrying on with the serie of petits fours (see here and there) which I prepared for one of my friends on her


Dark chocolate ganache and salted caramel tartlets

During the week, I was invited to a birthday evening dinner. Since I enjoy baking, I offered to bring the sweets. So this week, if


Part 1/3 : French Rhubarb tart in Franche-Comté

This month has been pretty good for me because I’ve been travelling, just like the old days. I went to France for 4 days and


Galette aux pommes – Thin apple pie

Hello there! Lately, I had some forgotten apples which needed some attention. I usually turn forgotten apples to a compote or as some call it

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