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Ghrieba, Moroccan sweet corner

Gluten-free Moroccan ghrieba (macaroon) with almond and peanuts

I was looking for an old set of family recipes I gathered when I was still living in Morocco and I stumbled upon this irresistible

Moroccan sweet corner

My favourite sablés biscuits: 1 dough, many designs

I have this thing for sablés and I’m not the only Moroccan who does. In fact, I’ve been in contact with many people for all corners of the

Moroccan sweet corner

El behla’s anatomy: an old shortbread that’s worth knowing

Ghriyba is a sweet round shortbread that has been around in the Arab world (but also Persian, Turkish, Eastern European and Greek) for centuries. It

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan almond, walnut and raisins Ghrouiba or ghrieba- A gluten-free recipe

Ghrouiba is a sort of round-shaped cookie which is usually compared to macaroons. They come in different varieties and range from soft to shortbread-like in

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan dates rolls, Halwat tmar

Today, I have some energy bars Moroccan style for you: small cookies consisting of date filling trapped in a shortbread-like dough. Initially, these Moroccan date

Moroccan sweet corner

Rolled Fekkas- Moroccan twice baked biscuits and a bilingual issue

I hope you stepped into 2014 with your feet on the ground and that this year will bring good things to all of us. In

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan half-moon peanut cookies

Hello lovely people out there, followers, one time visitors, silent and quiet readers of this blog which has become a bit silent during the last


Moroccan biscuits with almonds and raisins: Fekkas Mssaoues or Msseoues

I love these traditional Almond and raisins Fekkas. This used to be my “milk and cereals” type of breakfast, just like many people from Fes.


Addictive Sablés au café

You wouldn’t believe how these cookies are addictive.   Icing-coated cookies First time I tried them was 1 year ago at my auntie’s place. I


Moroccan snowballs with coconut and orange blossom

In Morocco, most of the cookies are made with almond and orange blossom. The coconut is hardly used because it’s not a local produced product,

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