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Moroccan barley soup - Dchicha or Tchicha
Soups and porridges

Moroccan barley soup – Chorbat Tchicha or Dchicha

Barley is widely used in Morocco to make soups, bread, couscous and galettes. Its deep flavour is appreciated across North Africa and people also believe in its health attributes. Barley soup comes in a white version with milk, a yellow version with less paprika/tomato addition and a red version with a bit of tomato paste […]

Welsh-inspired leeks soup
Soups and porridges

Welsh-inspired leek soup with colours

I have made a potato and leek soup, pulling to the Welsh side. My mother-in-law made the same minus the croutons and the sausage. The quality of leeks she has in Wales is just out of this world. Did you know that leeks are the emblem of Wales? well, one of them, along with daffodil. […]