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Thin Sephardic Moroccan biscuits
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Fat-free thin Moroccan Jewish biscuits -Fekkas d’ Lihoud

A while ago, I spotted some moulds of different shapes in Essaouira and when asked, the shop keeper said it was for Fekkas d’lihoud. Now fekkas is a form of Moroccan biscotti and lihoud refers to Jews. Being in Essaouira, I thought it was the place to look for more information about Sephardic cooking. I […]

Stuffed dried apricots - Mechmach mâammar
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Stuffed dried apricots – Mechmach mâammar

Today’s post has been put together by a friend of mine who shares with me the love for everything Moroccan. We share similar interests when it comes to finding the origin of Moroccan recipes and how they’re done across the country. She is a very knowledgeable person who constantly looks for ways to promote Moroccan […]

Moroccan Sephardic recipe of chard with meat stuffing.
Red meat

Moroccan Stuffed cardoons with kofta

Stuffed cardoons or Dolma of cardoons is an interesting Sephardic dish found in a few areas of Morocco. However, it’s even more interesting that not all Jews of Morocco seem to cook it. Not a common recipe across Morocco Although stuffed cardoons is a recipe that can be found in some Jewish Moroccan cookbooks. In […]