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Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan giant fennel salad recipe: Shlada del boubal

Do you know this vegetable/herb? have you seen it before? In Morocco, we call it boubal (Fr: Grande férule, férule commune, faux fenouil). In English,

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Moroccan Qadra with courgette and thyme

In the traditional cooking of Fez, courgette and thyme is a seasonal combination cooked Qadra or Kadra style. This recipe has a light sauce/broth called

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Kadra of wild artichokes and green peas

Wild artichokes are usually available in the beginning of spring or late April. They’re the hardest thing to peel and clean but rather quick to

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Moroccan quince tagine with semi-caramelized onions

Today’s recipe uses a wonderful seasonal fruit : quince . It’s a seasonal fruit which usually ends in a tagine or a stew when it’s not

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Moroccan Jerusalem artichoke tagine

Jerusalem artichokes have a weird name: they’re not from Jerusalem and they’re not artichokes. We call them in Moroccan batata qessbiya (batata for potato and qessbiya

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Moroccan tagine or stew with thistle and fresh broad beans (El foul wel guernina)

Thistles or guernina is widely and wildly grown in Morocco. It has its season and we make a good use of it. Everything seems to

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan green bottle gourd salad from Fez: N’ii bezzeit

N’ii bezzit is a rather weird name for a salad. “N’ii” is a sort of oral obituary and “bezzeit” means with oil. I have no

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan caviar of fresh young broad (fava) beans: El Merfouss

The Moroccan Hanjaklou/Merfouss (not to confuse with the Algerian version which is made of white truffle called Terfas) is a mash of fresh young broad/fava beans

Starters, Salads and kemia

Incredibly delicious Moroccan orange and cinnamon fruit salad

   Well hello there and welcome to the page! The recipe you are looking for has moved to a new external address. Click on this link to

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Moroccan Lamb stew with turnip and lamb- A kadra with turnips

Turnip, the vegetable I usually won’t buy unless I’m making couscous and I’ll make sure somebody else eats it but not me.. My mother is

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