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Moroccan gluten-free cornharcha
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Gluten-free Moroccan corn harcha

A gluten-free harcha-meet-ghrieba with Moroccan flavours, how about that for a treat? I thought you’d like it! As much as most of our ghrieba recipes are on the chewy side and a few of them on the shortbread side ( of the baking textures, this one is rather a baked version of our national galette called harcha. […]

3 types of Noisettes or Boule au chocolat found in Moroccan dairy shops or old-style bakeries
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Noisette or boule au chocolat, the Mahlaba’s leftover cake

Noisette or boule au chocolat is one of the names given to this cake ball which basically have no fixed recipe. It’s commonly found in old bakeries and Mahlabas  (dairy shops widely available in Moroccan cities and one of the most important part of the Moroccan street food world).   Recycling cakes The recipe is […]

A serving of stuffed Moroccan msemmen with onion and spices
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Stuffed Msemmen with onions and tomatoes

Msemmen is a wonderful North African laminated pancake or bread. It can be enjoyed plain, served with honey or filled with different mixtures. Similar panfried bread can be found in Asia (i.e paratha in India) We love Msemmen so much that we can have it any time of the day along with a glass of […]

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Mini-pizzas with tuna or anchovies, a Moroccan favourite

A batbout/bread/pita dough or a puff pastry dough will make an adequate base for these mini-pizzas. You only need to flatten it thin and prick it before adding the filling on top and baking them. Pizza has become a worldwide dish and it’s an important element of Moroccan street food. The toppings have been totally […]

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Gluten-free Moroccan street food: soft chickpeas "Taib we Hari"

Taib we hari is a very common street food nibble which happens to be gluten-free and light. Well, unless you ask the seller to fill a half-baguette with it along with some salad, then you are looking for a meal. Taib we hari is an interesting name which means “cooked to softness” and that’s what […]

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Easy Moroccan fried soles

Fried fish is a favourite street food in Morocco, especially in coastal cities. It’s so common to find a dish of fried fish along with a fresh tomato and onion salad in many traditional restaurants. Fried soles usually are served with fried whiting and calamari rings, lemon wedges and a hot fried chilli for garnish, […]

A tray of Moroccan mesemmen, mlawis (mlaouis) and rghayef (rghaef)
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How to make Moroccan Msemmen: recipe and tutorial

North African Msemmen is a soft of laminated dough which comes in different forms It can also be laminated with different types of fat. Msemmen can be stuffed or unstuffed but surely cooked in a pan with a heavy bottom. When they are baked or fried in oil, we call them Rghayefs, although these days […]

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Mahlabas, an icon of Moroccan street food on a low budget

Mahlaba literally means”dairy shop” but actually it goes beyond that. Mahlabas are our “Mcdonald’s” only with healthier options. They’re our saviours in hungry moments.  If you have a working mother, you can grab a breakfast formula (juice or yoghurt and sandwich), or a snack for snack time.   A modern Mahlaba with seats and tables […]

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Moroccan street food: My dad’s amazing battered Maa’kouda

Today’s post is about one of the most amazing street food bites in Morocco: the battered Maa’kouda.However, the non-battered seems to be the most published and written about especially in English.. I never had a non-battered maa’kouda although I grew up in Morocco. Instead, this battered version is what what my family has been making […]

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Grilled sardines: quick and healthy

The thing about El Jadida is that there is an abundance of mints (many types), vegetables and sardines. So it will be rude not to enjoy all these things while I’m here! People over here do not like the big sardines, they’ll tell you that medium size and slightly curled is a sign of a […]