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Slow-cooked beef tongue Moroccan style

Moroccans have 2 majors ways of cooking the tongue: steam and serve with salt and cumin or cook it “mchermel-style”. The latter dish is bolder and there are days where I can’t just have it any other way.   Can I convince you to give this recipe a go? You could be fighting off with […]

Couscous jawzi
Couscous, Red meat

Moroccan couscous with walnut and aubergines

Moroccan Couscous with walnut and aubergines, couscous Jawzi – الكسكس الجوزي is an intriguingrecipe from Tujibi’s book which dates back from the 11th century. Needless saying that I felt the urge to to bring it back onto the Moroccan table. My additions I added saffron threads to the sauce as it seemed right to do […]