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Fish and seafood

Common fish and seafood in Morocco

Having lived in different countries, I always found it difficult to find some types of fish I grew up eating. Fishing industry is one of

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Mahlabas, an icon of Moroccan street food on a low budget

Mahlaba literally means”dairy shop” but actually it goes beyond that. Mahlabas are our “Mcdonald’s” only with healthier options. They’re our saviours in hungry moments.  If


Moroccan olives and olive oil

Today’s post is about olives, olives and olives. We’re all about olive oil and olives in Morocco. We have different varieties of both and we

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Ramadan in Morocco

Today’s post is about Ramadan and how it’s observed and “celebrated” in Morocco. I’d like to propose a better understanding of what Ramadan is about

Things to try in Morocco

My Trip to Fez & re-bounding with past!

I have been away from blogging for a little while. I went back home for a cause: Visiting Fez and hence family. Fez is more

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