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Gluten-free Moroccan corn harcha

A gluten-free harcha-meet-ghrieba with Moroccan flavours, how about that for a treat? I thought you’d like it! As much as most of our ghrieba recipes are

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Moroccan fried eggs with Khli’ – Lbid bel khlii : A breakfast from Fez

Khlii is to Fassis (peole from Fez/Fes) what water is to anything that lives…on water; It’s something we should have in our cupboard/larder.freezer or fridge

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Giant Moroccan spiced onion Msemmens from Street food Morocco

During these hot summer days, I can only salute these people who work so hard, outside in the heat, to earn a living, especially our

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Moroccan Rezzat El Qadi / Judge’s turban : An all-threads pancake wonder

Rezzat el Qadi/El Kadi is a rather funny name for this Moroccan pancake. The reason why it’s called so is because it looks like an

Breads and pancakes

Baked Msemmens or plain butter Rghaifs

Moroccan butter Rghaif or baked msemmens are a treat for breakfast or afternoon tea time. They can be served plain along with jam or honey,

Breads and pancakes, Breakfast

Moroccan baghrir 100% semolina

Baghrir is a North African pancake with countless holes. It’s also found in the Middle East and a few other places. We usually serve baghrir

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Moroccan tomato and egg breakfast – Shakshuka

Chekchouka or Shakshuka or in Moroccan “bid we maticha” can be found all across the Arab world. It’s usually served for breakfast but we also


Moroccan shakshuka (chakchouka) with eggs, khlii and olives

“Bid we maticha” or “BM”  (rest of the world knows it as Shakshuka) is an iconic quick and cheap Moroccan all-day fix. In fact, I

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Moroccan fresh cheese -Jben

There is a version of Jben in practically every country (kind of queso fresco) and it costs a lot less to make it home and

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Moroccan stuffed harchas with cheese and other things

If you are a follower of this blog you must be familiar with harcha, a flat Moroccan galettes made of semolina (not couscous).   I

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