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A tray of Moroccan mesemmen, mlawis (mlaouis) and rghayef (rghaef)
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How to make Moroccan Msemmen: recipe and tutorial

North African Msemmen is a soft of laminated dough which comes in different forms It can also be laminated with different types of fat. Msemmen can be stuffed or unstuffed but surely cooked in a pan with a heavy bottom. When they are baked or fried in oil, we call them Rghayefs, although these days […]

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Moroccan Meslalla olives in chermoula

Now that Meslalla has become edible after a few days of water treatment and care, Moroccan households usually marinate it with a lemony chermoula mix and serve it as a starter in every meal. In my last trip to Morocco, my mother shared with me a new recipe she’s come up with to make an […]

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Moroccan cracked olives: Meslalla

The olive tree is a big thing in Morocco. They grow all over the country with some concentrations in specific Area. There is a belief that whoever uproots an olive tree and let it die could be cursed and damned. Moroccan picholine is the most common olive which seems to represent more than 95% of […]