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Moroccan khlii tartlets
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Lactose-free Moroccan khlii tartlets

Those mini-tartlets with naturally caramelised onions and bits of khlii (which you can replace with smoky bacon) are really irresistible, especially if you serve them along with pickles. I prefer to use this fuss-free dough as a base to make them but you can use a savoury shortcrust of puff pastry dough. This recipe is […]

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan-style Deviled eggs

In Morocco, we are found of boiled eggs, sprinkled with salt and cumin and served as a sandwich with cream cheese or Jben. This is everyone’s favourite. Hard-boiled eggs are also halved and served with cumin and salt, a spread of cheeses, cold cuts and olives for afternoon snacks after school. They’re also served on […]

Snacks and nibbles, Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan cottage cheese and cold cuts pasties

Using Jben or cottage cheese in savoury baking is a very old Arab tradition and we’re only reshaping the outcome and adding more ingredients. As Ramadan is on its way, many Moroccans are looking for recipes to fill their tables with irresistible food. In our family, we like to serve mini starters along with the […]

Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan vegetable and cottage cheese (Jben) pasties

Vegetable and cheese pasties recipe is a nice way to start an Iftar during Ramadan or something to make for a picnic. For a lighter version, use warqa or a good phyllo dough to make them. Preparing a Ramadan table can be a very demanding job, compute this for 30 days..Now this is not required […]

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Moroccan steak pasties

If you are in Casablanca, you will always find these nice bites sold either around 10.30 am or around 5 pm in many bakeries, especially the old ones located downtown. The sizes might vary. My dad used to get me big ones (mainly with chicken) whenever he picked me up from my secondary school. I […]

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Mini-pizzas with tuna or anchovies, a Moroccan favourite

A batbout/bread/pita dough or a puff pastry dough will make an adequate base for these mini-pizzas. You only need to flatten it thin and prick it before adding the filling on top and baking them. Pizza has become a worldwide dish and it’s an important element of Moroccan street food. The toppings have been totally […]

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Moroccan shrimp and vegetable triangles (briouates)

These light briouats are just good for a quick savoury bite, as a starter to a lunch or dinner, as an afternoon snack. They’re also perfect for buffets and gathering. Like I explained in my previous post about Moroccan rolls with pickles, there are some Chinese ingredients which have found their way to the Moroccan […]

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Moroccan pickles and cheese sbiaats (rolls) for starters

This recipe is as easy as it gets. You need a few ingredients and not much time to come up with nice crunchy Moroccan rolls for a starter, a buffet or just a light meal. As explained in my previous post, do not be surprised to find rice vermicelli in a Moroccan pantry as it […]

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Moroccan Mini-M’hanchas with vegetables for starters

M’hancha in Moroccan refers to a long twisted and tightened roll of warka/ouarqa (*)that is stuffed with sweet or savoury filling. M’hencha is baked and served as a warm starter to a meal or a dessert in the case of the sweet version. Moroccans use soy sauce as well as fine rice vermicelli, which obviously […]