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Couscous jawzi
Couscous, Red meat

Moroccan couscous with walnut and aubergines

Moroccan Couscous with walnut and aubergines, couscous Jawzi – الكسكس الجوزي is an intriguingrecipe from Tujibi’s book which dates back from the 11th century. Needless saying that I felt the urge to to bring it back onto the Moroccan table. My additions I added saffron threads to the sauce as it seemed right to do […]

Moroccan slow-cooked meat with cumin, over a bed of rice.
Red meat

Moroccan slow-cooked meat with cumin -L’ham mkoumen

L’ham mkoumen is one of the simplest and tastiest recipes I’ve recently discovered and it comes straight from the Marrakech culinary repertoire. What’s in the name? Mkoumen means “with cumin” and l’ham refers to meat which as to be falling off the bone with hardly any sauce. It’s so simple but it surely is incredibly […]

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Moroccan fresh broad bean (fava bean) and artichokes tagine

Broad beans are one of the most favourite vegetables in Morocco, especially when in season and young. In Morocco, broad beans get picked from the fields, in a matter of a day or two at max, they would have been distributed and sold, maybe already eaten. Moroccan fresh broad beans stew with artichokes By sniffing […]

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Chekchouka recipe or “El bid we maticha” with Moroccan meatballs

This is definitely one of the recipes I have learned when I was 11 or 12. The chekchouka (or shekshuka) is  a famous dish accross the Arab countries. My dad used to add Meslalla, a slightly bitter olives cured and marinated with Moroccan chermoula paste.  I like the eggs set but you you like them […]

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Briouates with minced beef – Briouates bel kefta

Briouates are samosas-shaped appetizers in Morocco, stuffed with seasoned ingredients such as vegetables or seafood or meat (white or red) or cheese. . There are savoury versions but also sweet versions such briouates bellouz (sweet briouates with almond paste, fried then soaked in honey), briouates bel roz (briouates with a sort of rice pudding cinnamon […]