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Barley and oat Moroccan bread rolls
Breads and pancakes

Healthy Moroccan barley and oat rolls

Based on the same recipe for Moroccan barley galettes, I decided to replace barley semolina with steel-cut oat/oat bran. It turned out to be a wonderful combination that gives a moister inside (hearth), which makes it last longer without fridge/freezer. With all the benefits known to barley, it might give a bit of flatulence. So adding […]

Moroccan barley galettes served with extra virgin olive oil and different types of Moroccan honeys
Breads and pancakes

Moroccan barley galettes: Harcha d’ chaiir

If making bread gives you headache, this healthy version is the right thing for you! Barley bread or flat galette is a common thing across Morocco. Barley happens to be one of the healthiest option one has when diabetes is lurking around. With a little slice, you get a feel of satiety as opposed to […]