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Moroccan fish balls tagine over a bed of carrots and topped with tomato sauce
Fish and seafood

Moroccan fish balls tagine, 2 ways

Fish balls in Morocco are a coastal thing, and we have two coasts, which make fish balls tagines quite common. A fish ball tagine is even part of Moroccan street food of these cities. Adding rice to the fish kofta is an option but it works well for large families or a larger crowd as […]

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Moroccan mussels in a tomato sauce recipe: Bouzroug be maticha

Mussles in tomato sauce is a dish which can be served as a main dish or as a cooked salad. I decided to serve it rather warm-ish over couscous for a change, but also to make my husband eat couscous..I served it as a light meal, somewhere between a starter and a main dish too. […]

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Easy Moroccan fried soles

Fried fish is a favourite street food in Morocco, especially in coastal cities. It’s so common to find a dish of fried fish along with a fresh tomato and onion salad in many traditional restaurants. Fried soles usually are served with fried whiting and calamari rings, lemon wedges and a hot fried chilli for garnish, […]

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Moroccan shrimp and vegetable triangles (briouates)

These light briouats are just good for a quick savoury bite, as a starter to a lunch or dinner, as an afternoon snack. They’re also perfect for buffets and gathering. Like I explained in my previous post about Moroccan rolls with pickles, there are some Chinese ingredients which have found their way to the Moroccan […]

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Moroccan spiced prawns

In Morocco, we’re blessed with two sea sides (Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea). We’re used to eat fresh fish and anything sold after 48 hours of being caught won’t be looked at. In French, it’s easier to dissociate between crevette (small), gambas (bigger), crevette royal (giant red prawn), langoustines (small lobster looking things). But when […]

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Grilled sardines: quick and healthy

The thing about El Jadida is that there is an abundance of mints (many types), vegetables and sardines. So it will be rude not to enjoy all these things while I’m here! People over here do not like the big sardines, they’ll tell you that medium size and slightly curled is a sign of a […]

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Moroccan street food: Fried sardines with chermoula

 Well hello there and welcome to the page! The recipe you are looking for has moved to a new external address. Click on this link to find all about it.

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Fried whiting with Moroccan chermoula marinade

The first day I got back home to Casablanca, I found out that my brother has bought a shocking 15 kg of whiting! There are many reasons why this crazy thing happened: In the Golf countries, it’s practically impossible to find whiting fish. I used to find some of it in Dubai but coming from […]

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My dad’s grilled Moroccan sardines kefta/kofta

These are outrageously yummy belly warming tasty flavoured fish patties that my dad used to make during weekends. I learned to live with the idea that my wonderful father is no longer in this world, I always have him in my thoughts, every single day. He was my inspiration in everything I do/did.. I still […]

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Whiting or whitebaits with Moroccan Marinade Chermoula

Since I’m back from the Middle-East where you will obviously hardly find fish from the Atlantic such as Whiting, I’m having this lovely fish with a tender white meat at leasttwice a week.. This is by far my favorite fish and it goes from naturally steamed with cumin, lemon and salt only to fried as […]