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Moorish Moroccan shortbread
Ghrieba, Moroccan sweet corner

Moorish Moroccan shortbread: Ghrieba Msseoussa

A Moorish melt-in-the-mouth shortbread with Moroccan notes made in a heartbeat..


Slow-cooked beef tongue Moroccan style

Moroccans have 2 majors ways of cooking the tongue: steam and serve with salt and cumin or cook it “mchermel-style”. The latter dish is bolder and there are days where I can’t just have it any other way.   Can I convince you to give this recipe a go? You could be fighting off with […]

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Moroccan cow/calf or sheep brain’s with tomato sauce and chermoula

Still on offal cooked the Moroccan way, here is a dish mainly cooked during the feast of sacrifice and served as a cooked starter: Cow or sheep brain cooked in a tomato sauce. In Fez, this cooked salad is also served during family gatherings and usually the plates go back empty. This cooked Moroccan starter […]

A tray of Moroccan mesemmen, mlawis (mlaouis) and rghayef (rghaef)
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How to make Moroccan Msemmen: recipe and tutorial

North African Msemmen is a soft of laminated dough which comes in different forms It can also be laminated with different types of fat. Msemmen can be stuffed or unstuffed but surely cooked in a pan with a heavy bottom. When they are baked or fried in oil, we call them Rghayefs, although these days […]

Briouat bellouz: Moroccan honeyed triangles with almonds
Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan briouats and sbiaats with almond honey- Briouats we sbiaat bellouz

Sbiaat (fingers) or Briwat/briouats (triangles) with almonds are honeyed delicacies mostly served during Ramadan at Iftar or Sohour time. They do require a homemade almond paste, orange blossom water and gum mastic (meska). In my youth, I reckon the most usual shape for these sweets was briouats recipe referring to small letters or enveloppes. The […]