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Juices and drinks

Moroccan avocado juice

Moroccan avocado juice is one of Moroccan street food fixes that you can order in any coffee shop or Mahlabas (dairy shop). It’s been a

Juices and drinks

Moroccan lemonade/citronnade with vanilla ice cream, perfect for summer days

This post is full of emotions for many reasons. First and foremost, Lemonade and ice cream juice has always meant to me a trip with

Juices and drinks

Moroccan milk and almond juice

Almond and milk juice is very much linked to my summer breaks in Fez when I was little. The season is usually synonym of weddings,

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Moroccan tea: the types, the herbs..all about it

Moroccan tea or Attay differs from an area to another. While Moroccan mint tea is the most famous drink to represent Morocco nowadays, it’s worth

Juices and drinks

Moroccan lettuce and orange juice

Memories comes to me in the form of recipes. This is my parents refreshing lettuce, orange, cucumber and radish juice which I used to enjoy

Juices and drinks

Moroccan apricot and orange juice

Moroccans have used dried fruits in their juices for centuries. The usual suspects are sultanas, dates, almonds. Using apricots to make a juice might also

Juices and drinks

Moroccan grape juice

Grape juice or ‘Assir al ‘inab is family favourite especially during summer when grapes are quite abundant that they’re hanging in many “Arssas” and “Jnanates”


My ultimate hot chocolate fix

This Aztec-inspired hot chocolate is a serious fix whether you are having a girl/woman moment (there are many, can’t describe, they just happen), or stressed,

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