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Red meat

French Brussels sprouts en gratin- Gratin aux choux de Bruxelles et saucisses

Brussels sprouts! I hear you! What an awful vegetable. You don’t like it, you don’t know what to do with it and with all the

Fish and seafood, Snacks and nibbles, Starters, Salads and kemia

Homemade crab cakes recipe

I fell in love with crab cakes while in Canada. I’ve been making them since. Crabs are not always cheap or easy to come by

Poultry and birds

Indian-Pakistani inspired curry: a Tikka masala-meets-jalfrezi on a bed of basmati rice

Having missed the smell of Indian and Pakistani food in my flat and having my mother over for a month, I thought I’ll introduce her


Zucchini flower fritters and sweet tartlets for my 400th post

Well yes, I just noticed that my 400th post is going to be savoury and not sweet although I can sneak some pics of some


Iranian-Inspired Chicken with rice and barberries

Iranian Cuisine, or Persian, is one of these things you have to try. Actually, it has inspired many other cuisines. It is said to be


Moussaka or Messaka’a, my version

The origin of Moussaka has always been a source of confusion to me, between Greece and Egypt, once can’t really tell! Besides, it’s such a


Egyptian Koshary

If you have ever been to Egypt you would know Koshary and would know that this is a national dish, a fast-food formula mostly associated


Pakistani Mash ki dhal

In my world, there was only one type of lentils: the green ones. When I lived in Dubai where there is a massive population of


Turkish Kisir, very close

I’m trying to reproduce the Turkish kisir recipe, so far, this recipe is very close to what I have tried in Istanbul. I have discovered


20 min meal: Express pizza and fattoush salad with Labneh dip

I’ve been eyeing that pizza flyer for days now but to be honest, Pizza hut is not my fav type of pizza makers especially in

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