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Smokey and nutty Mtabbal Badinjan (or eggplant’s Mutabbal)

Mtabbal Badinjan or aubergine/eggplant Mutabbal is hands down my favourite Levantine mezze. How you prepare your eggplants will make all the difference in this famous


Butterless lemon curd

This light version of lemon curd is just as good as its buttery one minest the calories. I have a few recipes calling for lemon


Homemade Labneh: a seriously addictive Levantine strained cheese

I need my cheese every morning and whatever I eat for breakfast, my brain does not compute is as fulfilling food until cheese is part


Spiced carrot and curry dip

A few weeks back, I have given a bread making demo to some of my friends here in Neustadt. I also had to bring the


A good guacamole recipe

Since I just posted tortilla recipe as well as corn chips recipe, I’m thinking why not share a few dips as well. Guacamole comes in


Sweet onion dip

Watching Chef Andrew Mitchell on fatafeat.tv inspired me to make this onion dip. Chef Andrew is a Canadian-Egyptian guy who makes Fusion food in a


Black olive tapenade

Olive tapenade is a great spread and a smart addition to some sauces. You can make a green or black olive tapenade. You can mix


Amlou spread: how to make this very Moroccan, very Berbere and very nutty spread

Amlou is a sort of Moroccan spread coming from the Amazigh section of Morocco made from toasted almonds, Argan oil and honey. Argan oilcomes from


Baba Ghannouj without Tahini, just my fave version! And it has character!

This is by far my favorite Lebanese-Syrian salad/mezze. It’s so healthy and tasty, especially with fresh warm pita bread. Actually, this is the 2nd recipe


Caramel au beurre salé

Recette relativement facile à faire, le caramel au beurre salé et le chocolat font un bon ménage. C’est aussi un bon copain des cacahuètes salées

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