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Snacks and nibbles

Petite Moroccan fekkas (biscuits) with chermoula paste

Well hello there and welcome to the page! Unfortunately, the recipe you are looking for has moved to a new external address. Click on this link or

Snacks and nibbles

Savoury Moroccan fekkas (biscuits) with spicy salami and cheese

Whenever I make these savoury biscuits called Fekkas, I end up eating more than a handful in one serving. That’s how they are addictive. They can

Pastry, cookies and biscuits, Snacks and nibbles

Moroccan savoury pinwheel fekkas

Savoury fekkas biscuits come in different shapes and are usually small in size. We love to have them around especially for a family gossiping session. Left


Healthy homemade corn chips

Since I have made a batch of corn tortillas and we are just 2 adults and a baby, there was some leftovers which I kept

Snacks and nibbles

Moroccan Mustard and cheese biscuits

I think I’ve posted many sweets lately. So today is going to be a savoury snack/nibbles sort of recipe. Very easy to make and freezer


Moroccan savoury biscuit 2: Thyme, oregano and cheese fekkas

Earlier in the day, I have posted onion, cheese and parsley fekkas and now I’ll be posting another recipe of these crunchy and savoury little


Moroccan savoury biscuit 1: Cheese, onion and parsley fekkas

These addictive biscuits are crunchy and savoury, they can replace a bowl of salty nuts or pretzels on the table. We usually make these and


Savoury shorbreads with cheese and poppy seeds

It’s been a while since my last post and this is an occasion to wish a happy new year, I hope it isn’t too late


Thin and crispy Polenta and Thyme cracker

Making homemade crackers is so easy and very rewarding, you know what goes in and you can “costumize” them with different herbs, different flours, shapes,

Snacks and nibbles

Easy crunchy spicy baked Polenta Crackers

This has to be one of the easiest recipes one can invent.. I used to enjoy nachos and potatoe chips (crisps in some parts of

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