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3 baby chicken cooked following Moroccan steamed and roasted chicken recipe with stuffed herbs. Chicken is served surrounded with steamed and seasoned new potatoes, carrots and green beans
Poultry and birds

Moroccan stuffed chicken with spinach – roasted or steamed option

Steamed or roasted chicken recipes are one of the healthiest meal options in Moroccan cooking. You can combine both cooking methods by steaming the birds ahead of time then roast them for colour and texture in the last minutes or you can marinate them and roast them on time just before lunch or dinner. Then […]

Chicken tights served with orange wedges, orange sauce and flaky almonds
Poultry and birds

Moroccan chicken tagine with orange wedges

Moroccan Cooking varies depending where we’re looking, whether it’s the city, the mountain, the desert, the countryside or the sea side. Although we may have some common dishes and some others which have recently become common across the countries as well as people from all walks of life, we still “discover” each other through our […]