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Snacks and nibbles

Lactose-free dough for tartlets and quiches

These onion tartlets are on their own a good recipe for buffets, snacks and picnics as we like them in Morocco and probably everywhere else.

Basic recipes to know

Quick and easy rough puff pastry

Puff pastry is truly a worldwide recipe. Many countries have an array of pastries based on it. Many countries have a form or another of

Moroccan sweet corner

My favourite sablés biscuits: 1 dough, many designs

I have this thing for sablés and I’m not the only Moroccan who does. In fact, I’ve been in contact with many people for all corners of the


Les Gougères

A choux pastry is a wonderful base for many sweet and savoury recipes. Think éclairs, religieuses, Saint-Honoré, some nice doughnuts, chouquettes, and gougères.. Everytime I


Daily bread: from simple to crazy

Bread is a staple in the Moroccan table. It is part of the daily routine to make bread or to buy it, in both cases,


The mighty croissant dough, plus ideas for filling

Making a croissant dough is very similar to the process used for puff pastry. It’s about alternating layers of dough and trapping the butter in


Za’atar blend, a touch of the Middle-East

Za’atar (or zaatar) refers to thyme in Arabic. However, it’s a kind of blend that could include other dried herbs such as marjoram, oregano. Then

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