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Lactose-free cooked shells for tartlets and quiches
Snacks and nibbles

Lactose-free dough for tartlets and quiches

These onion tartlets are on their own a good recipe for buffets, snacks and picnics as we like them in Morocco and probably everywhere else. But honestly the star of this post has to be this lactose-free dough has all working for it. It’s fuss-free and forgiving. It works for small moulds and has a […]

Basic recipes to know

Quick and easy rough puff pastry

Puff pastry is truly a worldwide recipe. Many countries have an array of pastries based on it. Many countries have a form or another of laminated dough (we have Msemmens or old-style laminated sweet bread). The Arabs and Andalusian have been laminating dough with oil or any fat as far as the 10th century and […]