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Breads and pancakes

Healthy Moroccan barley and oat rolls

Based on the same recipe for Moroccan barley galettes, I decided to replace barley semolina with steel-cut oat/oat bran. It turned out to be a wonderful

Breads and pancakes

Moroccan barley galettes: Harcha d’ chaiir

If making bread gives you headache, this healthy version is the right thing for you! Barley bread or flat galette is a common thing across

Juices and drinks

Moroccan lettuce and orange juice

Memories comes to me in the form of recipes. This is my parents refreshing lettuce, orange, cucumber and radish juice which I used to enjoy

Poultry and birds

Moroccan steamed stuffed chicken 5 ways

Have you ever steamed chicken? If not, you’re in for a wonderful discovery. In Morocco, we have a few ways to stuff it before steaming

Juices and drinks, Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan carrot and orange salad or juice. Any way you want it!

  Today’s recipe is rather odd. It’s at the same time a salad, a dessert or a juice. Yes indeed, it all depends how much

Soups and porridges

Middle-Eastern lentil soup

  Shorber A’das or Lentil soup is usually available in Lebanese and Syrian restaurants (In UAE and Qatar at least). It’s seriously one of the

Soups and porridges

Cream of tomato soup with basil and cumin-scented oil

  Today, I’m posting a amazing, yet simple recipe of tomato soup, largely inspired by one of the most acclaimed chefs in the last 10

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