Red meat

Moroccan recipes usually cooked with red meat. Poultry can be a substitute and it will be mentioned when possible.

French Brussels sprouts gratin
Red meat

French Brussels sprouts en gratin- Gratin aux choux de Bruxelles et saucisses

Brussels sprouts! I hear you! What an awful vegetable. You don’t like it, you don’t know what to do with it and with all the good will in the world and you trying to eat your green, you just can’t get it down your throat. I have to sell this recipe to you because my […]

Couscous jawzi
Couscous, Red meat

Moroccan couscous with walnut and aubergines

Moroccan Couscous with walnut and aubergines, couscous Jawzi – الكسكس الجوزي is an intriguingrecipe from Tujibi’s book which dates back from the 11th century. Needless saying that I felt the urge to to bring it back onto the Moroccan table. My additions I added saffron threads to the sauce as it seemed right to do […]

Moroccan slow-cooked meat with cumin, over a bed of rice.
Red meat

Moroccan slow-cooked meat with cumin -L’ham mkoumen

L’ham mkoumen is one of the simplest and tastiest recipes I’ve recently discovered and it comes straight from the Marrakech culinary repertoire. What’s in the name? Mkoumen means “with cumin” and l’ham refers to meat which as to be falling off the bone with hardly any sauce. It’s so simple but it surely is incredibly […]

Stuffed dried apricots - Mechmach mâammar
Red meat, Starters, Salads and kemia

Stuffed dried apricots – Mechmach mâammar

Today’s post has been put together by a friend of mine who shares with me the love for everything Moroccan. We share similar interests when it comes to finding the origin of Moroccan recipes and how they’re done across the country. She is a very knowledgeable person who constantly looks for ways to promote Moroccan […]

Moroccan Sephardic recipe of chard with meat stuffing.
Red meat

Moroccan Stuffed cardoons with kofta

Stuffed cardoons or Dolma of cardoons is an interesting Sephardic dish found in a few areas of Morocco. However, it’s even more interesting that not all Jews of Morocco seem to cook it. Not a common recipe across Morocco Although stuffed cardoons is a recipe that can be found in some Jewish Moroccan cookbooks. In […]