Moorish Moroccan shortbread

Moorish Moroccan shortbread: Ghrieba Msseoussa

A Moorish melt-in-the-mouth shortbread with Moroccan notes made in a heartbeat..

Moroccan gluten-free cornharcha

Gluten-free Moroccan corn harcha

A gluten-free harcha-meet-ghrieba with Moroccan flavours, how about that for a treat? I thought you’d…

Moroccan gluten-free ghrieba (macaroon) with almond and peanuts

Gluten-free Moroccan ghrieba (macaroon) with almond and peanuts

I was looking for an old set of family recipes I gathered when I was…

Moroccan peanut shortbread

Moroccan peanut shortbread from the North

I finally got hold of the best recipe for these melt-in-the-mouth shortbreads from Northern Morocco…

Bouchnikha or chebbakia with milk, a Ramadan treat. It's sprinkled with sesame seeds

Moroccan spiced bouchnikha and Mouarraqah for Ramadan

Why is a wonderful Moroccan Ramadan sweet named after a plant used as toothpick? Well a…

Thin Sephardic Moroccan biscuits

Fat-free thin Moroccan Jewish biscuits -Fekkas d’ Lihoud

A while ago, I spotted some moulds of different shapes in Essaouira and when asked,…

A plate of Moroccan griouech decorated with almonds and sesame seeds

Moroccan Griouech/Mkharqa with almonds paste

Griouech or M’kharka/Mkharqa is a fried Moroccan sweet which gets soaked in honey. It’s served…

A plate of almond macarons decorated with whole almond

Special bakery almond macarons, a French/Moroccan treat

Macarons (I refuse to use add another “o”) have gone viral during the last 7…

Hand holding a Moroccan fried Rghayef for eid with a layered inside shown through

Moroccan honeyned Rghaif or with sesame seeds and almond: Rghaifs Ma’assline del Eid

R’ghaifs (Rghayef, Rghaif), Msemmens and Malouis fall under the category of flabread for some, galettes…

Briouat bellouz: Moroccan honeyed triangles with almonds

Moroccan briouats and sbiaats with almond honey- Briouats we sbiaat bellouz

Sbiaat (fingers) or Briwat/briouats (triangles) with almonds are honeyed delicacies mostly served during Ramadan at…