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Moorish Moroccan shortbread
Ghrieba, Moroccan sweet corner

Moorish Moroccan shortbread: Ghrieba Msseoussa

A Moorish melt-in-the-mouth shortbread with Moroccan notes made in a heartbeat..

Moroccan gluten-free cornharcha
Moroccan sweet corner

Gluten-free Moroccan corn harcha

A gluten-free harcha-meet-ghrieba with Moroccan flavours, how about that for a treat? I thought you’d like it! As much as most of our ghrieba recipes are on the chewy side and a few of them on the shortbread side ( of the baking textures, this one is rather a baked version of our national galette called harcha. […]

Moroccan gluten-free ghrieba (macaroon) with almond and peanuts
Ghrieba, Moroccan sweet corner

Gluten-free Moroccan ghrieba (macaroon) with almond and peanuts

I was looking for an old set of family recipes I gathered when I was still living in Morocco and I stumbled upon this irresistible and chewy ghrieba/ghrouiba. Ghrieba with almond and peanuts is very easy to make and I won’t even ask you to blanch the nuts yourself as long as you buy them […]

Moroccan peanut shortbread
Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan peanut shortbread from the North

I finally got hold of the best recipe for these melt-in-the-mouth shortbreads from Northern Morocco where there is an abundance of peanuts growing around Larache and its surrounding. Compared to other recipes of the same biscuit/cookie, the one I’m about to share with you involves roasting the flour before using it and it does make […]

Bouchnikha or chebbakia with milk, a Ramadan treat. It's sprinkled with sesame seeds
Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan spiced bouchnikha and Mouarraqah for Ramadan

Why is a wonderful Moroccan Ramadan sweet named after a plant used as toothpick? Well a picture is worth a thousand words. Isn’t it?     You can still find Bouchnikha in the old Markets all over Moroccan cities. Let’s get back to our Ramadan treat which is the purpose of this post which looks like […]

Thin Sephardic Moroccan biscuits
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Fat-free thin Moroccan Jewish biscuits -Fekkas d’ Lihoud

A while ago, I spotted some moulds of different shapes in Essaouira and when asked, the shop keeper said it was for Fekkas d’lihoud. Now fekkas is a form of Moroccan biscotti and lihoud refers to Jews. Being in Essaouira, I thought it was the place to look for more information about Sephardic cooking. I […]

Briouat bellouz: Moroccan honeyed triangles with almonds
Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan briouats and sbiaats with almond honey- Briouats we sbiaat bellouz

Sbiaat (fingers) or Briwat/briouats (triangles) with almonds are honeyed delicacies mostly served during Ramadan at Iftar or Sohour time. They do require a homemade almond paste, orange blossom water and gum mastic (meska). In my youth, I reckon the most usual shape for these sweets was briouats recipe referring to small letters or enveloppes. The […]