Lunch dishes

Lunch dishes, Offal

Moroccan grilled liver kebabs/skewers (Kouah) with kidney and heart as an option

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Lunch dishes, Starters, Salads and kemia

Traditional Moroccan Rghaifs with spiced onion and Khlii

I love having these baked onions and khlii Rghaifs for lunch. Actually, one of my aunties makes them better than anyone else in the family.

Breads and pancakes, Lunch dishes, Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan baked Rghaifs with seasoned Kofta (ground beef)

These savoury-filled and baked Rghaifs make a nice starter when shaped in 10 cm squares but can make a meal if served slightly bigger. Stuffed Rghaifs

Basic recipes to know, Couscous, Lunch dishes, Poultry and birds

Couscous Tfaya with sweet onions and sultanas

Couscous Tfaya with sweet onions and sultanas calls for a Qadra or Kadra method of cooking and making a broth. Tfaya is the sweet topping

Lunch dishes, Red meat

Kadra of wild artichokes and green peas

Wild artichokes are usually available in the beginning of spring or late April. They’re the hardest thing to peel and clean but rather quick to

Lunch dishes, Poultry and birds

Moroccan Almond and chickpeas Kadra : Kadra Touimiya (Twin)

I have introduced Kadra (or kedra) in the previous post. Today’s post is about one of the most commonly cooked dish in Fez: Kadra touimiya.

Lunch dishes, Red meat

The world of Moroccan Kadras : Kadra with chickpeas and potatoes

If you have any link with Fez and have been brought up eating Fassi food, you might have gone to a saturation point with Kadra

Lunch dishes, Red meat

Moroccan quince tagine with semi-caramelized onions

Today’s recipe uses a wonderful seasonal fruit : quince . It’s a seasonal fruit which usually ends in a tagine or a stew when it’s not

Lunch dishes, Red meat

Moroccan Jerusalem artichoke tagine

Jerusalem artichokes have a weird name: they’re not from Jerusalem and they’re not artichokes. We call them in Moroccan batata qessbiya (batata for potato and qessbiya

Lunch dishes, Red meat

Moroccan cauliflower marka (or tagine) –

Moroccan cuisine uses all available vegetables in the country. Our mothers usually have one prevailing logic with their children when it comes to food (and

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