Desserts and cakes

Moroccan and French dessers and cakes.

Desserts and cakes

Lime, white chocolate curd and raspberry tartlets on Sablé Breton

These tartlets happen to be one of my favourites because of the combination of flavours in them but also because I love the caky/shortbread texture

Desserts and cakes

Dark choco ganache and praline tartlets

This is the last recipe missing from this tray of mini petits fours..We assume you know how to make a praline paste. Otherwise I suggest

Desserts and cakes, Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Financiers au thé matcha – Friands with matcha tea

Financiers are good petits fours to use egg whites in the easierst possible way (less complicated than macarons at least). It’s an easy recipe that

Desserts and cakes, Moroccan sweet corner, Snacks and nibbles

Indulging chocolate-coated Saudi dates

Today’s recipe is inspired by those wonderful Saudi and Emirati dates I used to enjoy in the Middle-East. There is an abundance of dates over

Desserts and cakes

La tarte au flan

Si vous me demandez mon avis, la tarte au flan est incontestablement l’une des meilleures dans notre répertoire familial. Un flan onctueux et pas dense

Desserts and cakes

Tarte au flan patissier et à la noix de coco

J’adore la tarte au flan classique mais j’apprécie quand c’est un flan à la noix  de coco. Je partage avec vous ma recette qui ne

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