Breads and pancakes

Barley and oat Moroccan bread rolls
Breads and pancakes

Healthy Moroccan barley and oat rolls

Based on the same recipe for Moroccan barley galettes, I decided to replace barley semolina with steel-cut oat/oat bran. It turned out to be a wonderful combination that gives a moister inside (hearth), which makes it last longer without fridge/freezer. With all the benefits known to barley, it might give a bit of flatulence. So adding […]

Moroccan barley galettes served with extra virgin olive oil and different types of Moroccan honeys
Breads and pancakes

Moroccan barley galettes: Harcha d’ chaiir

If making bread gives you headache, this healthy version is the right thing for you! Barley bread or flat galette is a common thing across Morocco. Barley happens to be one of the healthiest option one has when diabetes is lurking around. With a little slice, you get a feel of satiety as opposed to […]

A serving of stuffed Moroccan msemmen with onion and spices
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Stuffed Msemmen with onions and tomatoes

Msemmen is a wonderful North African laminated pancake or bread. It can be enjoyed plain, served with honey or filled with different mixtures. Similar panfried bread can be found in Asia (i.e paratha in India) We love Msemmen so much that we can have it any time of the day along with a glass of […]

Moroccan Rghaif or Rghayef with spicy kefta filling
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Moroccan baked Rghaifs with seasoned Kofta (ground beef)

These savoury-filled and baked Rghaifs make a nice starter when shaped in 10 cm squares but can make a meal if served slightly bigger. Stuffed Rghaifs with ground meat are served for a lunch of an afternoon snack along with a hot glass of Moroccan tea. A R’ghifa (singular for Rghaifs) should be well baked from […]

A tray of Moroccan mesemmen, mlawis (mlaouis) and rghayef (rghaef)
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How to make Moroccan Msemmen: recipe and tutorial

North African Msemmen is a soft of laminated dough which comes in different forms It can also be laminated with different types of fat. Msemmen can be stuffed or unstuffed but surely cooked in a pan with a heavy bottom. When they are baked or fried in oil, we call them Rghayefs, although these days […]

Moroccan batbout pockets
Breads and pancakes

Moroccan mini Batbout – flatbread pockets

Batbout is a variety of Moroccan bread, baked on cast iron pan/ heavy bottomed skillet.  This traditional bread can be eaten with savory dishes, can be stuffed and presented in several versions as appetizer, since it looks as a pocket. Or, you can simply enjoy it with butter and honey ( melted together, we open […]