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Briouat bellouz: Moroccan honeyed triangles with almonds
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Moroccan briouats and sbiaats with almond honey- Briouats we sbiaat bellouz

Sbiaat (fingers) or Briwat/briouats (triangles) with almonds are honeyed delicacies mostly served during Ramadan at Iftar or Sohour time. They do require a homemade almond paste, orange blossom water and gum mastic (meska). In my youth, I reckon the most usual shape for these sweets was briouats recipe referring to small letters or enveloppes. The […]

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Whiting or whitebaits with Moroccan Marinade Chermoula

Since I’m back from the Middle-East where you will obviously hardly find fish from the Atlantic such as Whiting, I’m having this lovely fish with a tender white meat at leasttwice a week.. This is by far my favorite fish and it goes from naturally steamed with cumin, lemon and salt only to fried as […]

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Have the eggplant dip the Moroccan way- Zaalouk

A dip of eggplant is almost everywhere around the mediterranean sea.. French call it “Caviar d’aubergine”, Middle-eastern have babaghanoug, mtabbal.. We Have Zaalook, I love it, I can ask for it everyday. It’s versatile, it’s healthy and it’s 100% vegetarian. One of the secrets of this recipe is to have a very good extra virgin olive oil […]