The ultimate date cake – Cake gourmand et moelleux aux dattes


Date cake! I love it! This is my go-to date recipe and it took me a decade to realize that hot water does a great job keeping it moist for days. There you go, I give you the trick in the first line!

I learned how to adjust it to my tastebuds and I discovered that clementine or orange go really well with coffee and fudge flavors.

If you ask me wether I like this lovely date cake with walnut or pecan, I’d vote for the latter especially when you caramelize it and add it on top. It really adds a different dimension to the final texture and more “gourmandise”.


My addictive moist date, walnut or pecan and clementine cake 

The ultimate date cake (Eng. version)

For the cake  (serves 8/baking time: 40 -50 min / temp: 160-170 C)

– 1 cup of chopped dates
– 1 cup boiling water +1/4 cup hot coffee
– 3/4 cup brown sugar
– 1 egg
– 60 g soft butter
– 20 to 30 g oil
– 1 1/2 cup flour
– 1 tsp baking powder
-1/4 tsp baking soda
– 1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
– 1 vanilla sugar or extract
– 1 good pinch of salt
– 60 g pecans or walnuts
–  1 candied clementine ou
1/2 candied orange (optional)

Glazing and decoration

– Salted butter caramel OR
– Dulce de leche OR

– Apricot or orange jam/preserve

Watch the video on how to make it 

Cake  moelleux aux dattes (Version française)

Mon moelleux aux dattes avec une bonne dose de clémentines confites


Pour le cake (8 pers./temps de cuisson: 40 -50 min / temp: 160-170 C))

– 1 poignée de dattes hachées
– 300 ml d’eau bouillante (moitié café)
– 150 g de sucre roux
– 1 oeuf
– 60 g de beurre mou
– 30 g d’huile neutre
– 190 de farine
– 1 cc levure chimique
– 1/4 cc de bicarbonate
– 1 cc cannelle (facultatif)
– 1 cc vanille (extrait ou sucre)
– 1 pincée de sel
– 60 g de noix ou pécans hachés
–  1 clémentine ou 1/2 orange confite (facultatif)

Pour le topping et la déco 

– Caramel  au beurre salé OU
– Nestlé caramel OU
– confiture d’oranges ou abricot
– Quelques noix et oranges confites
Pour préparer le cake, visualisez la video sur ma chaine YouTube

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