Moroccan avocado juice
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Moroccan avocado juice

Moroccan avocado juice is one of Moroccan street food fixes that you can order in any coffee shop or Mahlabas (dairy shop).

It’s been a great breakfast option for many of us when we had to rush to school and no time to sit for a breakfast.

For those on the go, they would stop at a dairy shop and grap one chilled avocado drink. It really fills one in and its proper fuel for a busy morning!

Moroccan avocado juice served in a dairy shop
Moroccan avocado juice. Credit @Nada Kiffa

A weird combo?

Although I prefer avocado on the savoury side (in a salad) and I find the avocado juice a bit heavy for my stomach, I still take a sip or two whenever I get the chance to find one in front of me. Then I ask for more, then I finish the whole glass..

When I lived in Qatar, I found a Lebanese Juicing shop selling this and I wondered if this was also found in Lebanon? Apparently yes, on its basic side (avocado, sugar and milk).

I’ve seen some shocked faces when I mentioned the avocado juice option to them. Then I discovered that warm avocado toasts and warm avocado recipes being a common thing in California. I found that shocking. I thought that was weirder! How do we define weirdness anyway?

I still can’t pass beyond the idea that avocado can’t be eaten warm or hot, but I’m sure I’ll do it one day. I might be missing on something! It might become my second favourite after my beloved avocado/shrimp combo…

Moroccan avocado juice

Moroccan avocado juice

Moroccan avocado juice is one of Moroccan street food fixes that you can order in any coffee shop or Mahlaba (dairy shop). It's also one the body builders' favourite drink before the protein shakes became a thing!


  • Blender


  • 500 gram avocado roughly chopped
  • 50 gram sugar or honey, to taste. Optional
  • 1 Liter milk chilled

Optional additions

  • 1 tsp orange blossom water optional
  • 4 dates meaty ones,
  • 3 tbsp almonds raw, skin on


  • Blend everything in a liquidizer. Add more milk for a thinner texture.
  • Serve chilled and drink within 15 min. 


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