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Moroccan harissa paste using fresh peppers

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– Watch me making it on my YouTube channel here

– Video de la recette de Harissa en Arabe: Ici.


Mild harissa, homemade
Strained harissa sauce


4 thoughts on “Moroccan harissa paste using fresh peppers

  1. We use dried cayenne pepper as a first choice and also that's what is mostly available in Moroccan markets. But then it would be interesting to try and mix other peppers. I know scotch bonnet has a fruity note so I don't see it in the mix but then again, it's worth experimenting.

  2. For the harissa with dried chili peppers, are there specific varieties of dried peppers that would be better to use? There are a number of varieties available in the local markets here in California, some hotter than others, some smokey.

  3. That sounds good!Have you considered marinating fish, chicken and meat with harissa before grilling it? I honestly don't have a good stomach for deadly hot harissas but I love the mild ones..

  4. Amazing pictures as usual, Nada! I loved putting harissa in kebab when I was in Tunis!! Actually I wonder if I'm still able to have it!

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