Salade composée made of carrots, potatoes, betterave, sweetcorn and served over a bed of lettuce

Moroccan “salade composée”

A Moroccan “salade composée” is a set of Moroccan salads plated in one massive dish and served before the main dish (well, it’s a salad).


A salad composée made of precooked Moroccan salads

There are many salads you could put together side by side to make a Moroccan  “salade composée”. But let’s start with the first combination which was commonly presented before it got more elaborate and sometimes out of hands.

In the old days, there was a  “salade composée”  made with precooked vegetables and only a few raw others all around. There was a logic of plating and serving some vegetables together where adding others was seen as a lack of taste and blatant ignorance.

Another version of salade composée with raw vegetables (starch is cooked rice)

So, the basic  “salade composée” would be a sort of Macédoine of vegables (carrots, potatoes, peas, maybe turnip) along with a mix of rice, corn and tuna. We also used to add steamed or boiled green beans, hard boiled eggs and potentially some boiled beetroot. The main condiments used are mayonnaise or/and vinaigrette. All these elements are nicely seasoned and and placed on top of lettuce leaves in a geometrical way.

We also used to place Macédoine in halved artichokes or only their heads..Everyone loved it.

If the salad has more raw vegetables then the cooked options will hardly be part of it.

Nowadays, things got a bit more complicated and people put in pretty much what they think is okay for them. No rule applies anymore.


A classic macedoine (carrots, potaotes, peas) with seasoned raw vegetables for summer

So, use your imagination to create amazing displays of Moroccan salade composée by plating different Moroccan salads in a big plate. It always makes a good impression on guests.


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  1. This post went earlier than expected. I only knew I clicked on \”publish\” when I read your message lol…The salad recipe that was supposed to be posted just got posted today.


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