Month: March 2015


Moroccan shakshuka (chakchouka) with eggs, khlii and olives

“Bid we maticha” or “BM”  (rest of the world knows it as Shakshuka) is an iconic quick and cheap Moroccan all-day fix. In fact, I

Ghrieba, Pastry, cookies and biscuits

Gluten-free Moroccan walnut ghrouiba or ghrieba (Macarons)

Ghrouiba is a sort of round-shaped cookie which is usually compared to macaroons. They come in different varieties and range from soft to shortbread-like in

Breads and pancakes, Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan honeyned Rghaif or with sesame seeds and almond: Rghaifs Ma’assline del Eid

R’ghaifs (Rghayef, Rghaif), Msemmens and Malouis fall under the category of flabread for some, galettes for the others and fried or baked pancakes for the

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