Mastering many Moroccan dishes by mastering just a few master recipes

The good thing about Moroccan food is once you know how master recipes work, you can decline them by season and make plenty of dishes without having to look for a written recipe anymore!

Whether you cook these Moroccan dishes using a heavy cooking pot or a tagine, It will only differ in the cooking time and the quantity of liquid added during the cooking process, but the “spicing” logic remains the same. So make sure you check these posts  This is the reason I wrote a few post on how to get you there:

Many Moroccan tagines are cooked M’qalli style with small variations in some cases. They just need coriander, turmeric, ginger, salt and pepper, ginger, saffron and olive oil.

This is an example of how you can master a few stews by mastering just one: learn how to make Moroccan broad beans (fava beans) stew or tagine and you would have learned how to make:

  • Green peas tagine



  • Artichokes tagine (globe artichoke or wild artichoke)











  • A version of the potatoes tagine (tagine dial lebtata bezzitoun), you could add paprika



  • Courgette tagine (tagine dial guera’a khedra), just add thyme or/and oregano which can be cooked with chicken, red meat or served vegetarian.



  • Some tagines are just associations of vegetables which are usually available in the same season make the best of dishes. They are also cooked the same way as the master recipe.


A dash of paprika is the only addition to the master recipe in order to make this
medley of vegetables tagine
  • Or a combination such as this one


Courgette, green peas, fennel and artichoke tagine garnished with
different local olives


  • Or just a limited mix of vegetables..


Another green peas, tomatoes and olives tagine

No wonder our grandparents cooked without piling cooking books or even writing down any.

So find the common spicing combination between all the Moroccan dishes you know and see what you can come up with. I think this is an easy method to learn faster.


2 thoughts on “Mastering many Moroccan dishes by mastering just a few master recipes

  1. Anonymous

    I'm not a big one for commenting on blogs, but just wanted to say that I follow you on Feedly and am loving the current flurry of posts. Your recipes always look so good. I'm yet to try any for myself, but am sure that I will before long!


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