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Incredibly delicious Moroccan orange and cinnamon fruit salad


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I served my orange salad with a good vanilla ice-cream, not traditional
but they go together very well

2 thoughts on “Incredibly delicious Moroccan orange and cinnamon fruit salad

  1. Thanks my dear..Oh we have a salad with orange, lettuce and black olives as well which you drench with a sort of vinaigrette (olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper)..We also have flavoured coffee and one of them is with orange blossom water, my daily morning coffee..

  2. I loved this post and you knew that!! 😉 Thanks a lot to share your knoledge full of tradition and memories. As you know I've never visited Morocco (not yet!) but I remember that in Tunis they put the ma' al zahar in the qahwa and it got a very nice aroma that I won't forget! About the salad, in Sicily we do the same but we add the onion cut into thin wedges and you get the sweet and sour. Finally, shukran bizzef and Ramadan Karim. serena

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