Month: May 2014

Desserts and cakes

German cream cake with rhubarb and strawberries

I definitely miss my days in Germany! my daily routine, meeting my friends for kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake) breaks with my husband after

Pastry, cookies and biscuits, Snacks and nibbles

Moroccan street food: the beloved galetta dial Mahlaba

These amazing caky shortbreads called galette or galettas are part of our Moroccan street food repertoire. Along with the coconut macaroons I posted previously, they

Starters, Salads and kemia, Vegetarian dishes

Moroccan street food’s maakouda: battered potato fritters

Today’s post is about one of the most amazing street food bites in Morocco: the battered Maa’kouda although the non-battered seems to be the most

Poultry and birds

Traditional Moroccan chicken with olives and preserved lemons: Djaj M’qalli (mqalli) be zeitoun

Moroccan chicken with olives and preserved lemons is as Moroccan as it can get! It’s a dish served in ceremonies and during special events. Every

Red meat, Starters, Salads and kemia

Moroccan shakshuka with meatballs

Bid we Maticha or as we call it “BM” is definitely one of the recipes I have learned at an early age. It is the

Lunch dishes, Poultry and birds, Red meat

Moroccan Kemama tagine with sweet onions and tomatoes

I have previously posted a variation of this recipe and explained what is the method of cooked called kemama or “binareen” is all about as far

Lunch dishes, Poultry and birds, Red meat

Moroccan Kamama tagine with shallots or young onions

This recipes have many names depending on which Moroccan city we’re talking about: It’s called Kem(m)ama or Qemama in Fes and Meknes, or Kawarma (Rabat)

Lunch dishes, Poultry and birds, Red meat

The magic world of cooking between two fires Moroccan style

There is something so sweet and romantic about this tagine. First, the delicate combination of spices and the rest of the ingredients. Second: the way

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan coconut ghrouiba or macaroons, an icon of Moroccan street food

These coconut macaroons are sweets we most of city dwellers Moroccans love. There is something nostalgic about them , the reason being that they’re one

Breads and pancakes, Breakfast

My cheesy baked harcha

I’m a harcha-addict.  So here is a version of the many Moroccan semolina galettes I like making. I made this version up, so althought it’s

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