Butterless lemon curd

This light version of lemon curd is just as good as its buttery one minest the calories.

I have a few recipes calling for lemon curd but sometimes, it’s either made with butter (the traditional, as in here or here) or white white chocolate (here). They’re all good, but having good recipes with less calories is also a good thing isn’t..

I have added some lime zest and chopped basil. For a stronger note add basil essence or oil because the leaves are mostly decoratives and do not bring that basic taste to the curd. So please do not buy lemon curd because it’s done in less than 20 min with a proper lemony tangy outcome, just like a lemon curd should be.

Makes 1 bonne maman jar
Prep: 5 min- cooking: 15 min.

  • 2 eggs
  • 160 ml lemon juice (strained)
  • Lemon zest (of 2 or 3 non waxed lemons, plus limes if you have)
  • 100g of powdered sugar (or 30 g fructose)
  • 2 tbsp of corn starch (30g)
  • Lemon oil can be added if you have dull lemons 


In a medium saucepan, mix the corn starch, sugar and zest together.

Add in the eggs one by one and whisk. Add the lemon juice.

Place the pan over medium-low heat and keep stirring until the lemon curd becomes as thick as a custard. The more you cook it the more it thickens. Make it to your liking.

Leave the lemon curd to cool in a sterilised jar. Chill for up to 10 days.

So go and make these today

Version Française de la recette

Pour un pot style Bonne Maman
Prep: 5 min – cuisson: 10-15 min

  • 2 œufs
  • 160 ml jus de citron (filtré)
  • Zeste de citron bio (de 2 or 3, plus le citron vert si vous en avez)
  • 100g de sucre en poudre (ou 30 g de fructose)
  • 2 cas de maïzena (farine de maïs, 30g)
  • Huile ou essence de citron si vos agrumes n’ont pas trop la force d’un bon fruit. 


Mélangez le sucre, le zeste et la maïzena (farine de maïs). Incorporez les œufs un à un tout en mélangeant au fouet. Ajoutez le jus de citron et mélangez.

Sur feu très doux et sans cesser de remuer, faites prendre le lemon curd. Retirez du feu dees que vous sentez que la spatule devient lourde et que vous avez devant vous la consistance d’une crème pâtissière épaisse. 

Transférez le lemon curd dans un bocal stérilisé et laissez refroidir. 

Placez la crème au frais jusqu’à 10 jours.

Author: Nada

Nada Kiffa is an Expert in Moroccan cooking and her recipes are coming from a lineage of Moroccan home and professional cooks. Cooking classes and posted articles are inspired by her family life in Morocco and elsewhere. You will learn what makes a dish Moroccan before learning how to execute it. You will also learn how to work around recipes and cut corners without missing on the flavour.

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  1. Serena my dear you live in Sicilia so your lemon would be perfect and they won't need a kick..Glad you made that. Yay, happy it worked for you!

  2. Made it!!! (I didn't use lemon oil (i don't even know what is it!) nor limes 'cause i didn't have any but put more lemon zests) and It's delicious ktir ktir, very lemony and healthy (since there's no oil, no butter!) .. thanks a lot!!! baci

  3. Ciaoo Serena..I can see your picture yaaaay :)..We've been using this lemon curd for a while in my family. My sister used to make lemon tart using this combination..Glad it suits you! Big hug!

  4. Ciaooo Nada!!! As you know, I don't use cow milk derivatives so traditional lemon curd is forbidden for me and this is what I was looking for!! baci

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