Month: March 2014

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan almond, walnut and raisins Ghrouiba or ghrieba- A gluten-free recipe

Ghrouiba is a sort of round-shaped cookie which is usually compared to macaroons. They come in different varieties and range from soft to shortbread-like in

Desserts and cakes

Light lemon curd cheesecake

Behold, cheesecake lovers, this one is an amazing version of my favourite baked cheesecake: A light (ish), lemony and onctuous cheesecake with fresh berries. This

Basic recipes to know, Desserts and cakes, Preserves

Butterless lemon curd

This light version of lemon curd is just as good as its buttery one minest the calories. I have a few recipes calling for lemon

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan dates rolls, Halwat tmar

Today, I have some energy bars Moroccan style for you: small cookies consisting of date filling trapped in a shortbread-like dough. Initially, these Moroccan date

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