Year: 2014

Desserts and cakes

Bourdaloue-inspired tart with cherries and blackcurrants

I love tarte bourdaloue in its traditional form with pears, but I also love it with apricots or peaches. There was a time when I

Breads and pancakes, Snacks and nibbles

Moroccan stuffed batbout (flatbread) with a vegetarian taktouka

This is a delicious recipe of vegetarian stuffed batbout. The stuffing is spiced up Moroccan-style and trapped inside a a wonderful bread shell. The taktouka

Breads and pancakes, Snacks and nibbles

Moroccan stuffed breads: A meal on the go!

My dad used to call any stuffed bread “khobza be dwazha” referring to a sort of meal on the go, a sandwich to grab and

Basic recipes to know, Breads and pancakes

How to get your flatbread to puff

You may have tried and failed to have that signature airy pocket which shows that you nailed the recipe. If this is your case, this

Basic recipes to know, Breads and pancakes

Moroccan flatbread called batbout (Mkhamer)

Batbout is a pan-fried Moroccan flat bread, it’s also called Mekhmar or Mkhamer in other houses. Today’s batbout recipe is the one I make when

Pastry, cookies and biscuits, Snacks and nibbles

Moroccan savoury pinwheel fekkas

Savoury fekkas biscuits come in different shapes and are usually small in size. We love to have them around especially for a family gossiping session. Left

Lunch dishes, Red meat

Moroccan quince tagine with semi-caramelized onions

Today’s recipe uses a wonderful seasonal fruit : quince . It’s a seasonal fruit which usually ends in a tagine or a stew when it’s not

Moroccan sweet corner

My favourite sablés biscuits: 1 dough, many designs

I have this thing for sablés and I’m not the only Moroccan who does. In fact, I’ve been in contact with many people for all corners of the

Moroccan sweet corner

Moroccan sugar-coated shorbread – El Mfenned

Moroccan Mfenned (for coated) falls into the category of kurabiedes, polvorones, Russian tea biscuits, Mexican wedding cookies.  It’s basically a melt-in-the-moth-shortbread-meet-ghriyba cookie/biscuit with Moroccan notes.

Desserts and cakes

My addictive marble cake recipe

I’m not always in the mood for dense cakes and I’m no fan of excessively sweet ones or creamy ones either. So this marble cake

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