Tarte fine aux pommes reloaded: Fine Apple tart as easy as it gets

A while ago, I have posted the recipe of Tarte fine aux pommes: a simple tart made of a good puff pastry and finely cut apples, sprinkled with sugar and some nobs of butter and you are in for a treat..
Some like it slightly or heavily caramelized, some not..

It really won’t take much of your time, but the result is just amazing and very indulging.

I followed Eric Frechon‘s advice on how to get the perfect Tarte fine aux pommes which you can watch here (you don’t need to speak French to understand what to do, the video is self-explanatory)..

As for the recipe, please head to my previous post. As for a homemade puff pastry, I have to have the recipe here in French . But if you are lucky to get a store-bought puff made of butter, go ahead with that.

But do not stop at the apple option, I see this recipe with pears, pineaple, firm peaches..I even have in mind a pear/blue cheese option but that has to wait since I’m not allowed to enjoy a decent blue cheese during my pregnancy…

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