Month: February 2013


Apple Terrine with a crumble, who said apples are boring?

I’m still on an apple wave and since I’m not doing much in the kitchen these days, it’s an opportunity to do something about those


Tarte fine aux pommes reloaded: Fine Apple tart as easy as it gets

A while ago, I have posted the recipe of Tarte fine aux pommes: a simple tart made of a good puff pastry and finely cut


Custardy Apple tart: Tarte aux pommes Alsacienne ou Normande

There are many apple tarts and pies. But this one is our favourite. I actually don’t know why I never posted it before. I also


Soft savoury muffins with sundried tomatoes, olives and thyme

Hello and happy February everyone! Theoretically, It’s just 1 more month to go before I meet baby..So I’m getting heavier and lazier. But there is

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