Last week’s bakes

Last week, I was invited to a tea-time/book-club/birthday afternoon and I decided to bake a few things for the host.

I have already posted the recipe for these wonderful Ghrouibas which are a sort of Macaron, some compare it with Amaretti but they’ve been made for years and I have a family recipe which never failed us…

Almond ghrouibas

I have also made my favourite coconut and orange blossom cookies which are a bit of an old thing as well. Nobody makes them anymore back home, very sad indeed! Everytime I make these, people ask for the recipe…

Moroccan kisses with coconut and orange blossom

Now for the savoury bit, I have served these crackers with 2 sort of dips (no recipe for the dips, Sorry! I forgot to take photos).

Thin Polenta crackers

Finally, I have made these Moroccan cheese cookies, I’ve cut them out in different ways, for the season (the recipe will follow)…

Moroccan savoury cheese biscuits

I hope you get to try any of these and let me know how it went…

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