Double apple tart

Today, I’m sharing with you the recipe of an apple tart that I used to make since I learned to make tarts. That would be since the age of 12.

At that age, the tart will be made of shortcrust dough, creme patissiere (pastry cream) and any seasonal fruit…

And then one day I decided to replace the cream (since I’m not a big fan of cream) with the apple compote that I used to make with old apples. I just loved eating apple compote with a spoon just like kids..Good old days.

Fast forward the years, I see some people making the same sort of tart, it made me smile. Somehow, recipes are invented by us and we do not need books to help us find some common sense in the kitchen (or life for that matter). It just seems so normal and so natural to put some ingredients together because we have the feeling they will make a good match, but then we might have been so many to think that way.

Anyway, here is the double apple pie that will always remind me of my father (May God bless his soul).

Mini tartlets + a medium-size tart

Makes 12 mini-tartlets
Prep: 30 min- Baking: 25-30 min

  • Shortcrust dough (I follow this recipe)


  • 250 g of applesauce (homemade apple compote gives better results)
  • About 4-5 apples, peeled, halved and seeded, I used pink lady
  • 50-60 g demerara sugar
  • 60 g of butter in small cubes


  • A few spoons of apricot jam


Make the pastry. Refrigerate for 1 hour or place in the freezer for about 30 min.

Roll the dough finely (2 mm thick) and make dough cases, use pie/tart/tartlets pans which you need to grease with butter (which gives the tartlets a nice brown colour once baked). Freeze for 5 min.
Preheat oven to 180 C.

Spread applesauce onto the shortcrust dough cases.
Slice the apples thin and place onto the applesauce/compote. Press the apple slices a bit so they sort of sink (slightly). You should actually fill the cases with apples more than I did.
Fill in empty corners.

Sprinkle with sugar and dot with butter. 

Bake for 25 min or the tartlets are nicely golden.

Glaze with heated apricot jam while the tarts are still warm.

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