Month: December 2012


Last week’s bakes

Last week, I was invited to a tea-time/book-club/birthday afternoon and I decided to bake a few things for the host. I have already posted the


Soft and moist chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate buttercream and praline

First of all, I have to tell you that this website is an amazing source of good cupcake recipes and frostings. The girl turns everything


Thin and crispy Polenta and Thyme cracker

Making homemade crackers is so easy and very rewarding, you know what goes in and you can “costumize” them with different herbs, different flours, shapes,


Double apple tart

Today, I’m sharing with you the recipe of an apple tart that I used to make since I learned to make tarts. That would be


Tomato bread

Making bread is therapeutic and it’s not a new thing. Flavouring it breaks the monotony of everyday’s bread. I give you today and flamboyant red

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