Plenty of delicious savoury appetizers

I love making appetizers whether for my guests or when somebody else is hosting. They’re crowd pleasers and they are mostly made of things in my pantry or my freezer.

This post is about ideas and ingredient-matching and I hope you will get to try some of the things posted here. Most of these recipes if not all can be made ahead and frozen, then baked the same day you are planning to serve them..


Some finger food ready to go to my friend’s house

The key to go fast in the preparation is to have ready-made doughs. I usually make a version of the shortcrust dough and keep it in the freezer. Same goes for the puff pastry which comes handy. I just thaw it before use.

The phyllo dough or brik sheets (North African transparent sheets) can also be used but this depends on when you are going to serve the appetizers. These 2 types of casings do not like waiting too much..

You can also use brioche dough as long as it’s not sweet. Bread dough/pizza dough is also nice especially if you have a slightly saucy stuffing.

So lets’s start by the easiest one.

A leftover strip of puff pastry used as a base to make pizza bites, a good tomato sauce with thyme, grated cheese and black olives, baked at 240 degrees C for 12 min approx.
Mini-Chaussons with brie, raspberry jam and sweet cherry tomatoes. egg washed and baked at 220 degrees C for about 20 min.
12 cm long strips of puff on 1.5 cm, egg washed then covered with grated parmesan, paprika, chilli, sea salt, crushed black pepper. Baked at 220 degrees C for about 10-12 min
 Now you can get creative in your laziness like I sometimes do. I make a sort of loaf, I score it and then cut it into bites once baked. That way, I do not have to shape each part on it’s own. Just like here where I used leftover cooked white fish (you could use sauted prawn). I added boiled green peas, sauteed spinach with garlic and coriander. I added some cheese, salt and pepper at the end and stuffed the puff pastry with this mixture.
Egg washing the loaf gives it a better colour, I just added some crushed herbs for more taste
The spinach-fish loaf turned to finger food.
Now if you have a good portion of goat cheese like the one you find at the bottom of this post or something of that texture (soft but holding its shape and can crumble), you can mix it with other ingredients such as grated spicy cold cuts, black olives, sundried tomatoes, herbs (mint- parsley..). Season it with salt, pepper, chilli if you fancy.  Go ahead and make any shape you want with shortcrust or puff. Freeze or bake strait ahead but then do not forget to egg wash…
Cheese pastries with a savoury shortcrust dough, baked at 180 degrees C for about 15-20 min
Or you can sautee mushrooms, onions. Add garlic, herbs, season and stuff any dough you have in hand, even a brioche dough or a bread dough (here I used shortcrust)..Make another batch of finger food.
A turnover with mushroom in the making.
A giant loaf with puff and mushroom stuffing + minis with the same mixture, ready to bake (sea salt and crushed black pepper on the top for more flavour)
Note: For more savoury finger food/ Appetizers recipes (in English), please check these previous posts:
There is more in the French section of my blog…

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