Gooseberries and more on Neustadt A/W

I’m going to be honnest, I’ve never had gooseberries before (unless we count physalis). When I spotted it in the market, I had to try it. Sweet and tangy and the same type, that’s what I like. So along with my blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, I added 500g of gooseberries, which was at 3 euros 50 cents. I’m not good at describing food but I felt they were not far from grapes from the same colour, which is why I see myself already addicted to them.

I have browsed the internet for recipes calling for gooseberries, there are chutneys, marmelades and of course tarts and cakes.

So while I’m working on my next post (sweet recipe), I thought I will leave you with these pictures of Neustadt A/W which I took during the weekend when we went for a walk. I ohope you like them.

There is a large veriety of flowers. You will also find beautiful roses cvering the facades

Towards one of our favourite spot: a house turned to a veery small coffee shop

Other people are enjoying the walk too

More flowers and…berries

A panoramic view of the city

Vinyards everywhere

More vinyards

This looks like a pub. I haven’t been inside but I found the facade cute

More flowers and more berries (do you know what these are??)..

5 thoughts on “Gooseberries and more on Neustadt A/W

  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos Nada – if I were French I'd be tempted to say a few things about the German vineyards, but actually I find German wine to be really good, and anyway – a vineyard is always beautiful!I wish I could spend some time wandering around there – it looks so peaceful and relaxing!


  2. Hi Charles, this area is definitely peaceful. There is some noise in the main roads but rather than that, it's quiet. I can't tell you what it tastes like since I don't drink alcohol but it seems that people can directly buy wine from families who owns the vinyards, which is what makes Neustadt a touristic spot. Maybe one day you guys can visit.


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